39 wonderful rib tattoos

Let’s go now with a collection of different types and sizes of tattoos on the ribs.

tattoo rib 16

Nice and colorful flowers.

tattoo rib 51

Tattoo that covers the entire side with a devilish scene in which we can distinguish a skull among other elements.

tattoo rib 55

The name of a person.

tattoo rib 44

Stars with a person’s name.

tattoo rib 59

Rosario on the side of this boy, between the accounts we can distinguish a phrase.

tattoo rib 19

Large cross surrounded by a vine.

tattoo rib 24

Dragonfly with large wings.

tattoo rib 45

Strange tattoo in which you can see a large key surrounded by other elements made in ink of different colors.

tattoo rib 21

Vertical phrase. Real beauty is forever.

tattoo rib 26

Funny picture of an elephant with bubbles coming out of its trunk.

tattoo rib 46

Peacock feathers next to a lion and a message on the side of this girl.

tattoo rib 43

Nice design forming a bird.

tattoo rib 30

Great tattoo of a feather. A very simple but beautiful design.

tattoo rib 17

Funny butterflies.

tattoo rib 14

Tattoo of a colorful fish.

tattoo rib 53

Nice design of a large tree that covers the entire side.

tattoo rib 39

Branch full of the pretty cherry blossoms.

tattoo rib 02

3 stars vertically along this boy’s side.

tattoo rib 10

Old parchment with a message inside.

tattoo rib 27

Tattoo of a great octopus that this boy is wearing.

tattoo rib 08

Nice design of a colorful feather in shades of orange.

tattoo rib 20

Big heart with crown.

tattoo rib 37

This girl is wearing a small flower with long lines.

tattoo rib 05

Very nice design of a fairy with big wings.

tattoo rib 34

Nice phrase in English. The message of the phrase is very beautiful: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

50 rib tattoo

This guy has tattooed the word “Brooklyn” in large size.

tattoo rib 15

Colorful and big birds.

23 rib tattoo

A dog in colored ink.

tattoo rib 48

Nice motif of a winged heart and other decorations.

tattoo rib 54

We have already seen a design very similar to this before.

tattoo rib 07

Nice creeper.

tattoo rib 18

Impressive swan that this girl has on her side.

rib tattoo 01

Large flowers cover this girl’s side.

tattoo rib 09

tattoo rib 28

Funny design of a little angel that seems to be sad.

tattoo rib 13

More cherry tree blossoms, in this case just drawn the outline. But they still look very nice in tattoos.

tattoo rib 47

Crowned heart and a date.

tattoo rib 25

Very realistic tattoo of an eagle of different colors.

tattoo rib 42

Original design of the handprints in red and green with a nice message of friendship and a heart in red.

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