37 Vehicle Tattoos: Bicycles and Motorcycles

In this article we will focus on both bicycle and motorcycle designs. They may seem a priori vehicles that can not provide any kind of meaning, but the reality is that for many people it is about central things in their lives, whether it is a bicycle or motorcycle.

We will focus first of all on bicycle tattoos. Naturally, we can find out that the people who tattoo this type of tattoos will be a faithful lover of bicycles, although there are people who tattoo them for other reasons that we will see later. In the case of the first group of people, bicycle lovers, tattooing this means making known to the rest of the world your passion for this vehicle and its central importance in your life and in your day-to-day life. On the other hand, there is a growing demand for people to tattoo a bicycle in relation to childhood. This is because most of us used to ride a bike when we were little and we can even remember the time when we first learned to pedal without any help. Therefore, for those people who have a good memory of childhood, a bicycle can be a good design that evokes these first years of life in a subtle way and has a beautiful result.

It should be noted that the area in which the design is tattooed is very important and this is because, for example, if the tattooed bicycle is seen on the leg, it is probably a professional cyclist who tattoos his tool in the area of the body with which it works, that is, the legs. However, if we see this same element tattooed on an arm or back, it is probably referring to the childhood we were talking about before. Therefore, regarding this design, it is very important to observe the area where the tattoo is done (not only because of how the design adapts to it), since it expresses a completely different meaning.

As for motorcycles, the meaning may be similar to that explained on bicycles, and that is that they are a vehicle that for many people means the center of their life, their way of life. This is not difficult for us to imagine when we see groups of bikers many of them tattooed and that is that the world of motorcycles and that of tattoos has always been linked. Therefore, a design of a motorcycle as a tattoo can be one with a very good result.

Motorcycles and other vehicles arouse sympathy among many men, who choose to make these designs on different parts of the body. Many fans of these vehicles tattoo the vehicle itself or the brand, which is very important to them.

motorcycle bike tattoo 501

motorcycle bike tattoo 512

This boy has tattooed the symbol of his favorite vehicle accompanied by wings on the sides.

motorcycle bike tattoo 528

Wheel accompanied by flames of fire and the word “sweet” (“sweet”) at the top.

motorcycle bike tattoo 534

Patriotic American eagle tattoo accompanied by Native American style feathers, the flag and the Harley Davidson brand symbol.

motorcycle bike tattoo 520

A wolf appears as the background of this design in which there is a biker with flames and a cross; too overloaded can result.

motorcycle bike tattoo 514

Harley’s shield with a barbed wire at the bottom.

motorcycle bike tattoo 530

motorcycle bike tattoo 523

Unfinished design but it will have a good result for what can be seen.

motorcycle bike tattoo 535

motorcycle bike tattoo 527

Design of the chains of a motorcycle or bicycle, made on the leg of this man.

motorcycle bike tattoo 507

Nice image in which it has been chosen to accompany this famous shield with an eagle faithfully represented.

motorcycle bike tattoo 506

This heart design symbolizes this boy’s love for his favorite motorcycle brand.

motorcycle bike tattoo 516

Another shield of this famous motorcycle models.

motorcycle bike tattoo 536

Great design of a biker in which a range of similar colors have been used that give consistency to the final result.

motorcycle bike tattoo 521

It may be a part that the motorcycles carry.

motorcycle bike tattoo 515

He extracted design of what looks like the head of a horse and some exhaust pipes from which great flames come out.

motorcycle bike tattoo 513

Harley Davidson brand symbol with wings on the sides.

motorcycle bike tattoo 502

Calavra on flames with the writing “live to drive and drive to live”.

motorcycle bike tattoo 526

Rhino located between various tribal style details.

motorcycle bike tattoo 519

Very poor result of a kind of tape in which we can read a famous motorcycle model.

motorcycle bike tattoo 517

Skull mounted on a motorcycle.

motorcycle bike tattoo 505

Eagle with the Harley Davidson initials inside.

motorcycle bike tattoo 531

Motorbike driven by an eztraña green creature.

motorcycle bike tattoo 518

Nice image of a motorcycle printed on the entire arm in a single black tone but with which different textures have been achieved.

motorcycle bike tattoo 533

Gear design of a vehicle with some oriental characters inside.

motorcycle bike tattoo 511

Motorcycle wheel with the skull of an animal in the center.

motorcycle bike tattoo 504

Once again we can see the famous Harley Davidson brand at the center of this curious design.

motorcycle bike tattoo 532

Small and discreet design of the silhouette of a bicycle in the shape of oriental characters.

motorcycle bike tattoo 510

The famous Harley Davidson shield, perfect choice for motorcycle lovers.

motorcycle bike tattoo 509

Eagle with beautiful wings and holding a ribbon that reads “live to drive and drive to live”.

motorcycle bike tattoo 503

This girl has the Harley Davidson symbol tattooed along with some shapes on the sides.

motorcycle bike tattoo 524

Abstract design on the forearm in black tones.

500 motorcycle bike tattoo

Burning skull and Harley Davidson lettering.

motorcycle bike tattoo 529

Harley Davinson crest with flames and a weathered tiger face compared to recent hues at the bottom of the design.

motorcycle bike tattoo 522

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