35 Hawaiian tattoos: Tribal, turtles and flowers



As you can see in the image, this drawing consists of several parts. One part is a small flower on the right side yellow or amber. A flower is very common in a Hawaiian design and most carry at least a small one as in this case. They are usually more colorful. The other part of the tattoo is composed of several symbols made with tribal. A design without many details, something common also in this type of tattoos.

The first article has been well received and little by little we are having more visitors and users every day so I will continue to create articles for this blog until I stop having visitors.

Today we are going to talk about some designs that you may not have seen much on the street but that as a lover I have seen many people with one of these designs.

There is no perfectly fixed design that corresponds to this if you can find flowers, turtles or strange drawings on some occasions similar to Mayan tattoos.

Analyzing the images a little that we can see in the different search engines or looking a little for American pages and from my experience, I have to say that most people who finally decide on one of these designs are men although we find many women who have decided for example to have a Hawaiian turtle or Hawaiian flower motifs.

As you already know, Hawaii belongs to the United States and it represents one more state of the 50 states that constitute this magnificent country that I like so much. I have been to several states and I have to say that the cultural differences you can find are gigantic. The culture of New York or Michigan has nothing to do with that of California or Texas. Although, within the same country, whether small or large we find different cultures … Imagine how much difference there can be in a country as large as the United States. But this is not the issue we will discuss so we talk about Hawaii again. Hawaii is very far from the rest of the country and has a totally different culture. They have one traditional religion, a different language consisting of 6 vowels and eight consonants and traditional music to name a few differences. In addition to the food.

I think this is enough as an introduction.

Hawaiian bracelet

If you know a little about the history of Hawaii, you will know that they have not always been Americans and there is a very large culture of many years of history. This design is a Hawaiian style bracelet. Perhaps now they are less popular but for many years they have been very popular and even several famous people opted for them.

Meaning. What does it symbolize?

I will always start by saying that the meaning always depends on the person who has the tattoo although sometimes there are designs that always have the same meaning.


They are used to convey feelings such as love, friendship and many others that I am not going to list. It is thought that about 1600 in Constantinople began to be used for this purpose but in the East they had already been used many years before. The meaning depends on the type of flower and its color. For example, acacia means elegance, the red rose means love and Basil, boredom. I could be here for 2 hours writing meanings but I will dedicate all the time it deserves when I write the article about flowers that I suppose I will do next month.


In this design we can see the word “Aloha” which is the way in which Hawaiians greet and bless people along with a flower of medium size and bright colors in the center of the foot. Without a doubt, it is a 100% Hawaiian design and 100% for women.


As most people in this world know, turtles have a Very long age and usually live between 60 to 85 years. For this reason many people relate it to longevity. It is also known that in some villages in Africa, the turtle symbolizes sensuality. Others on the contrary affirm that the symbolism of the turtles is the materialism and the existential. As I have repeated in each of the articles I have written, the meaning depends on each person and we have seen it right here, in the symbolism of this reptile also known as chelonio.


It was about time you saw what are, without a doubt, the most common tattoos within this type. They are the turtles. It always relates to turtles with Hawaii, so for this reason it is an essential reason. In this case, we can see a turtle made of tribal and around five flowers. Two of them orange and three others purple. Another 100% Hawaiian tattoo.

Some examples

You just have to look a little at the different images of this article to realize that these designs are special and have a totally different style than the rest of the drawings we have seen so far, not only in the blog, but in real life. If you haven’t noticed yet, you just have to take a look. Although people call them Hawaiian tribal, they are not really Tribal, they have their own style.

Hawaiian-arm tattoo

Hawaiian sleeve tattoo. It is a spectacular and fantastic tattoo. I love it but I’m sure if you are a girl you don’t like it that much. So far I have seen few women with one of these designs although I am sure that in the near future we will see them.

For women

As we have said before, although it is a tattoo usually for boys, girls also choose these to decorate their bodies. I am sure that if you are a woman you will like these designs that we have brought for you. The belly, belly or back are some of the most chosen places.


Before we said it was weird to see a woman with a sleeve tattoo but in the end we found some. This does not mean that it is very typical because that depends on the country. In the United States they are more common than here in Spain, I am sure. Small designs are more popular here. It is a matter of culture. In this case it even covers the left part of your back.

For men

It has not been difficult to complete a good collection of these designs. They are very famous in tattoos. Thanks to our users for helping us with the delivery of various designs.

Hawaiian-tribal tattoo

Another Hawaiian tribal arm but this time it is not a full sleeve, if not half sleeve.


If you still do not have enough, here you have many other photos and images.

Hawaiian tattoo 126

Hawaiian tattoo 133

Hawaiian tattoo 128

Hawaiian tattoo 129

Hawaiian tattoo 147

Hawaiian tattoo 146

Hawaiian tattoo 143

Hawaiian tattoo 148

Hawaiian tattoo 149

Hawaiian tattoo 144

Hawaiian tattoo 132

Hawaiian tattoo 125

Hawaiian tattoo 130

Hawaiian tattoo 145

Hawaiian tattoo 134

Hawaiian tattoo 138

Hawaiian tattoo 135

Hawaiian tattoo 127

Hawaiian tattoo 141

Hawaiian tattoo 123

Hawaiian tattoo 131

Hawaiian tattoo 150

Hawaiian tattoo 142

Hawaiian tattoo 140

Hawaiian tattoo 137

Hawaiian tattoo 124

Hawaiian tattoo 136

Opinions of a professional tattoo artist

We continue with Hawaiian tattoos whose variety of styles and shapes has accommodated in the world of tattoos for many years.

The main styles of Hawaiian tattoos are tribal bands, usually tattooed on arms and legs and, on the other hand, exotic flowers, sea turtles and Hawaiian dancers. In this type of tattoos we find a singularity that is the differentiation by sex in the choice of tattoo, since, while men tend to opt for tribal bands in dark tones, women do it for exotic flowers and brightly colored ballerinas .

A culture as varied as Hawaiian, on the one hand due to the influence of different ethnic minorities that make it up and, on the other hand due to its uniqueness as a result of the confluence of different cultures in one, has resulted in the awakening of the interest of many people who take this type of tattoos into account when making one.

The Hawaii theme has always been very well received among those who relate their life to the sea, surf and waves and, we can find that many of these people have impregnated their skins with different motifs related to this culture. In addition, tribal motifs have gained great strength in recent years for being a type of original tattoo and that can be personalized to everyone’s taste, thus giving rise to unique tattoos capable of transmitting part of our personality or past experiences.

hawaiian turtle

To finish with the images a small turtle with half a flower inside and where we can also see several waves of the sea. It is a small tattoo and therefore its execution is a little more difficult. Of those I have seen here, perhaps for my taste it is the most sensual.

As has been explained so far, the Hawaiian culture is a very interesting culture That deserves a space to talk about her. Hawaiian tattoos were considered as something very important in this culture, since they were the meaning of different important milestones in their lives such as rites, wars or religion. Hawaiian tattoos have been progressing gradually, since in their beginnings we found that they were all black tattoos and, over the years they have been modernized using a variety of colors and original paths. Although both women and men tattooed, it was men who used to tattoo their feet with tribal motifs.

Finally it can be said that the choice of a type of Hawaiian tattoo can be for two main reasons: due to the heritage and the exciting culture we have talked about or, on the other hand, simply by aesthetics and beauty, as they are unique tattoos.

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