29 extremely small ladybug tattoos

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, insect tattoos are a phenomenon that has gained great force in recent years and above all, with the arrival of the three-dimensional style with which different insects are represented in such a realistic way that they seem perched on the skin instead of tattooed on it.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a type of design that women opt for and the result, although variable, has a good result in most cases and this is largely due to the fact that being an insect of small measures and of great color draws our attention easily due to the red color in contrast to the black dots that are a characteristic element of these insects.

The ladybug has been an insect that has always been associated with good luck, as a predictor of good weather and it is also an insect that protects crops from other insects, so it has always been well valued. There are numerous legends that talk about the good luck that ladybugs bring and that depending on the number of black spots you have we will have a certain number of children or find that exact amount of money, for example.

As we mentioned before, ladybugs are a design that is usually tattooed by women and the places chosen for it are the wrist, behind the ear, feet, hands, neck, etc. The advantage of this design is that it adapts to almost any area of ​​the body due to its small dimensions. One piece of advice I would like to offer is that a tattooed ladybug in large dimensions tends to have an unattractive result; firstly, because the insect’s realistic measurements are not respected and the result may seem exaggerated, and secondly, the details of the insect, such as the black spots on the red wings, become too large and can take away the main element.

It should be noted that although sometimes the ladybugs appear alone, in others they are combined with other elements. Some good ideas that can offer a good result is to combine it with more ladybugs: many are the designs of different insects that due to their small size can go unnoticed, so two or more are tattooed either linearly or messy. It may also be a good idea to accompany these insects with branches or flowers that provide a color contrast to red, such as a white daisy or branches in green tones; This will offer a wide range of colors with which we will ensure that our design is not overlooked.

In conclusion, if you are a person who believes in good and bad luck, the ladybug can be a good luck charm that combines meaning and a result with style and bright colors.

Women love these designs as most of the people who get these designs tattooed are women. There are few men who decide to make one of these designs although some of them are fond of ladybugs.

ladybug tattoo 1018

Few comments can be made about most of these designs, as they are characterized by simplicity. As the title of this section indicates, they are tattoos of ladybugs of a very small size and as we have already said, it is women who usually choose them.

I would go so far as to say that most of the girls who choose these designs do so more for aesthetic reasons than for the meaning of the tattoo.

ladybug tattoo 1001

To open your mouth in our beautiful and feminine gallery, we find here a very small design of a ladybug with the typical colors and with a marked cartoonish style, which reinforces the casual character of this tattoo.

ladybug tattoo 1009

This person shows us his design of a pretty ladybug, next to which we can see a small coin placed so that we can make a comparison of the size. Very small and pretty tattoo.

ladybug tattoo 1014

In the following image we find several ladybugs together in the same tattoo following the same path. The design is made with fairly simple strokes.

ladybug tattoo 1005

Ladybug represented on a small sheet. It is a small design that, as if it were a freehand drawing, tries to imitate this beautiful image of nature with a certain level of realism.

ladybug tattoo 1011

With the United States flag. This one is different from the rest of the images included here, since it moves away from the flirtatious and feminine style to be casual and fun.

ladybug tattoo 1007

On top of a leaf, the size of the tattoo increases by the leaf on which the ladybug perches. The level of detail in the design leaves a lot to be desired.

ladybug tattoo 1017

Funny image with a real ladybug next to the tattoo of herself. In this case, the great differences that can be achieved when trying to recreate a living being in a drawing can be verified.

ladybug tattoo 1002

Ideal design for the forearm. For my taste, it is too big.

ladybug tattoo 1003

Very colorful and bright design.

ladybug tattoo 1019

We see again how they demonstrate the small size of the tattoo comparing it to a coin.

ladybug tattoo 1012

Along with the name of Lily and a small heart that is almost invisible.

ladybug tattoo 1013

Beautiful and very feminine this design with a tiny ladybug, a bouquet of flowers and a butterfly on top.

ladybug tattoo 1021

Great flower along with a little red ladybug.

ladybug tattoo 1004

This time we observe it in flight, a way in which we are not used to observing these insects when they tattoo.

ladybug tattoo 1016

Surrounded by green and yellow flowers.

ladybug tattoo 1010

Design on the side or waist of a woman.

ladybug tattoo 1006

Design and tattoo on the instep with initial letters.

ladybug tattoo 1015

On his body he has a drawn heart.

ladybug tattoo 1020

Image of two ladybugs on top of each other. It is the first image we see without color, so it is easy to guess that color is essential in this category.

ladybug tattoo 1000

Ladybug accompanying Nik’s name.

ladybug tattoo 1008

Last two images with small designs. The first design is accompanied by Nik’s name at the bottom. The tattoo in the last image should be tiny because in the photo it looks small and usually looks bigger than they really are.

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