22 tattoos with puzzle piece designs

Puzzles and puzzles have always been very popular designs when it comes to the noble art of tattooing, so that in life we ​​are completing facets or pieces until we have our puzzle done. In black and white, in color, large or small, if you decide that puzzle tattoos are your thing, do not miss this selection that we have made for you. And it is that the life of the human being can be interpreted in many facets as pieces of puzzles that we still have to complete. Thus, little by little we will be looking for the pieces that we need to fit in order to have a complete life.

tattoo puzzle 322

Tattoo on this girl’s shoulder, of a flower made through puzzle pieces. Next to it is a diamond tattoo.

tattoo puzzle 320

Very simple tattoo of a puzzle piece, with lines like screams and intersecting stripes.

tattoo puzzle 324

Tattoo of a puzzle piece on this boy’s instep. The use of color is spectacular.

tattoo puzzle 328

Incredible tattoo that occupies the entire back of this boy, with puzzle pieces representing a centennial tree.

tattoo puzzle 327

Very funny tattoo of a puzzle pieces representing a children’s train.

tattoo puzzle 333

Tattoo of a heart made by several puzzle pieces each with a symbolic meaning.

tattoo puzzle 323

Very original tattoo of a puzzle piece heart and two human hands holding it.

tattoo puzzle 330

Spectacular tattoo that crosses the back, from the neck to the column of blue puzzle pieces of different sizes.

tattoo puzzle 341

Very realistic tattoo of a human heart in which different parts of a puzzle can be seen.

tattoo puzzle 340

tattoo puzzle 342

Curious tattoo of the famous cartoon character winnie the pooh. The puzzle pieces form a colored balloon.

tattoo puzzle 332

tattoo puzzle 334

Very realistic and sinister tattoo, in which two puzzle pieces are seen as if they were bleeding wounds on the wrists of these girls.

tattoo puzzle 336

Very original tattoo of a red puzzle piece with a funny face. You have a word above in memory of someone you love.

tattoo puzzle 326

Strange tattoo on this boy’s back, showing a blue puzzle piece and a symbol surrounding it.

tattoo puzzle 338

Original tattoo in which the same puzzle piece contains several smaller pieces. The red heart has a meaning being in the center.

tattoo puzzle 335

Very funny tattoo on this boy’s forearm. These are various puzzle pieces with different animated characters.

tattoo puzzle 321

Very sophisticated tattoo, in which a lock shaped like a puzzle piece contains a key.

tattoo puzzle 329

Image of a tattoo on this girl’s ankle, with a heart of colored puzzle pieces and other designs such as flowers and butterflies.

tattoo puzzle 331

tattoo puzzle 325

Tattoo of many pieces joined together forming the silhouette of a puzzle. He also has a tattoo of a tribal flower on his chest.

tattoo puzzle 343

Various tattoos, all puzzle pieces each representing symbolic shapes and figures.

tattoo puzzle 337

Original tattoo of the famous rubik’s cube. It is represented as an unfinished puzzle.

After this wonderful selection of tattoos with the most popular puzzles, we remind you that the symbolism behind a piece as simple as a puzzle encompasses a much greater meaning. And it is that, probably you have not noticed because your beginnings doing puzzles was in your childhood when you played with your brothers at home, but already from that moment, although you did not understand it, you were already trying to make a mental scheme, to organize the ideas of your head. And it is that making puzzles or enjoying doing them denotes an organized, meticulous, decisive personality, who likes order and avoids chaos.

In turn, the life of the human being can be interpreted in many facets as pieces of puzzles that we still have to complete. Thus, little by little we will be looking for the pieces that we need to fit in order to have a complete life. So, if you are an organized and schematic person who tries to make sense of things that happen and put the ideas in your head in order to make them more useful, you should tattoo a puzzle piece or a complete puzzle tattoo as part of your personality . In color, black ink, larger or smaller. You can also design just a simple piece or make any complete drawing in puzzle shapes for your tattoo.

Go ahead and tattoo a puzzle and find the meaning of your life!

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