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Several times we have talked about bird or bird tattoos, these animals represent perhaps better than nothing, the feeling of freedom, especially for their ability to fly. Today you are going to read something about hummingbird tattoos.


Hummingbirds are very particular birds for several reasons: one of them is that they are very small, of the more than 300 species that exist of hummingbirds, the largest one measures about 25 centimeters (to be a bird it is a considerable size) but instead the smallest one barely exceeds 5 centimeters, in fact the largest hummingbird It's called a giant hummingbird, so you can get an idea of ​​the average size of these birds and their fame.

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Another surprising aspect of hummingbirds is its beak, which is sometimes larger than its own body and has a peculiar shape, very thin and elongated to sip all the nectar from the flowers. But without any doubt The most striking aspect of hummingbirds is their flutter, are the birds that move the wings faster, up to 75 times per second and barely move muscles, so it is surprising that it seems that they do not move the body while flying.

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The meaning associated with hummingbirds is joy, knowing how to enjoy life, sensitivity, adaptive capacity, freedom or resistance. Each of these attributes can be related to knowing some data of hummingbirds, such as their large number of species with different peaks adapted to flowers, their bright and exotic colors, their way of attracting couples with their dances, their ability to fly at high speed or travel great distances with such a small body.

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1295 hummingbird tattoo

If you want to symbolize a change in your life or that you are experiencing an adaptation process, the reason for a hummingbird can be a great choice for the reasons discussed above. Similarly, you can choose a pair of hummingbirds to represent love, or your passion for nature with a hummingbird drinking nectar from a plant.

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1399 hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird tattoos look good on any part of the body, just as the animal itself has a great capacity to adapt, being small birds it can be a perfect tattoo for a small place, an elegant tattoo for example after ears or wrists, but larger tattoos also look pretty good, as long as the proportions are maintained, on the arms, back or chest.


hummingbird tattoo 1438

hummingbird tattoo 1477

Hummingbirds are essentially wild birds, it is not common to have hummingbirds as pets, so it is not usual to tattoo hummingbirds out of the cage and recovering freedom, but in case you see it, it obviously represents that, freedom, is there anything bigger than freedom?

1490 hummingbird tattoo

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But without a doubt, hummingbird tattoos are represented mostly with flowersIn fact, it is their way of feeding, sipping the nectar, flowers are another of the most represented motifs in the world of tattoos. The hummingbird tattoos are monochromatic and polychromatic, in the latter case, the colors chosen should be bright and represent rich and exotic vegetation, colors such as oranges, greens, reds, blues, all of them with great intensity and great power.

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In a tattoo it is difficult to represent the intense flutter of the tattoos, but there are also those who dare to tattoo that moment, superimposing several hummingbird tattoos very close to each other and better with monochrome ink taking advantage of reliefs and shading to give a feeling of fleeting movements.

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These are some of the reasons to wear a hummingbird tattoo, surely you find more.

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He liked it so much that this style is repeated throughout the page.


I do not like how they have drawn this, use it as a warning before tattooing, make sure that they will do it well, seeing other designs.


On the back of this girl, the tones chosen for this bird look great flying. Ask your tattoo artist for advice on the colors that stand out most on your skin. If I had to give advice, I would choose a range of evening shades for dark skin, like those in this image; roses, oranges, greens, or simply black in its entirety (contour and fill). And for whiter skin silhouettes, that is, contours with a very defined black, but no padding.


It gives the impression of having asked the design of a 10-year-old boy, he does not have very defined lines.


This is a style that I have commented a lot on this theme (hummingbirds and flowers) and the truth that I like a lot, with explosions of full color paint, a very summery and urban design at the same time.


With a very childish and fun style. We will never be too old!


The tattoos are perfect to bring intrinsic those moments that have marked you so much in life And you can decorate them as you want, this woman opted for a hummingbird and a flower in blue and purple tones.


On the side, this time in black and white we see three little birds flying but personally I would reserve other reasons for this area.


This one is still ongoing and looks very good.


Flying birds have taken a lot of prominence in our days, they usually take a lot among women, although it must also be said that there are highly demanded designs among men, also depending on the particular type of bird. These specifically symbolize freedom, nature and freshness.


Despite not being very defined, the color rescues him a lot.


Between strokes of street art, this bird is great looking straight ahead among orange flowers, a curious style that sincerely is not bad.


On the instep this woman has decided to tattoo this hummingbird colored with a very striking print.


I was very funny the bird below, which looks like a fat penguin trying to fight gravity and its anatomy since they can not fly.


Small but colorful.


The phrases are the most used when it comes to tattooing.


I am not very comfortable with the result of this bird, nor with the colors, they are very muted.


Elegant bird with long emerald green feathers with yellow tips. Within this category it is the one I like the most.


With very bright colors, all this arm tauado with floral motifs.


The colors chosen are very summery.


The legs can also be an ideal place for tattoo art, take advantage of vertical designs and plasters.


In this image we find this beautiful design of a hummingbird in full flight, with a style similar to that of a sketch of the typical naturalist field notebook to recognize birds. The drawing is made using soft and pastel colors, which gives it a more than adequate touch.


This shows a beautiful hummingbird drawn with a certain cartoon style and full of color, which flies surrounded by a trail of hearts of various sizes. Surely, this person has acquired this tattoo to show their love or affection for someone.


We continue with this design located on the nape of this person, in which we can see a small hummingbird accompanied by a pair of lily flowers, from which it seems that it is feeding. Vivid and cheerful colors have been chosen for this image.


Now we are facing a wonderful tattoo of a hummingbird next to what appears to be a hibiscus flower. This design has been made using an amazing freehand drawing style painted by watercolor. Certainly something very original, full of color and tremendously artistic.


In the following image we can see a small and sober tattoo on the belly of a hummingbird in full flight and with unusually long tail feathers. The design is made using only black ink and shading.


We pass this beautiful and delicate design of a beautiful hummingbird feeding on a flower in flight. The kind expression of the bird along with the choice of bright colors and pastel colors make this a tattoo that presumably carries a girl and a great beauty.


Here this girl shows us fantastic tattoo located in the center of the back, right between the shoulder blades, and in which you can see a hummingbird flying next to a flower. Although the design is not completely realistic or detailed, the color combination of the hummingbird and the flower is great.


To continue, we turn to a curious tattoo of a hummingbird flying near a flower. This design is not especially rich in detail, as it seems more like a cartoon than an attempt at realistic drawing. Even so, it has very pretty vivid colors.


Now we have an original design on the arm of a hummingbird in full flight with some flowers, but the design is very curious, because it has a tribal style or rock painting, resulting in a great and very peculiar result. The choice of colors is also more than right, with bright colors.


With simple shapes they have managed to have the figure of a hummingbird, with very flattering colors, blow your imagination and get curious designs like this, among these photos you will get a wide range of options that you will love.


Taking flight. These little birds also give a lot of results in black and white.


It almost seems real, the detail of the feathers and legs has been great, I like it very much, although I personally like tattoos with simple black strokes, this could be without a doubt the exception that confirms the rule.


This back is the canvas of this wonderful work of art, I could spend hours watching it! My most sincere congratulations to those tattooists who can get results like the one you are seeing.


On a flower, very classic.


If you are from the city, but you have nature and the lively gardens inside.


They have succeeded with that emerald green touch.


Abstract bird design, very off for my liking.


Design very similar to another of this collection, forming the silhouette of a bird with small colored spots.


This bird likes cherries more than flowers.


Hummingbird rising.


A very tropical design, I really like this particular combination, apparently it is a design like the rest, but the detail of the Hawaiian flower and the selection of colors they have chosen, takes us to the summer!


The touch of blue background is very good, as if it were a stream of air that moves the flowers and raises the hummingbird.


Fly free, without ties, you could identify with a bird and tattoo one of these.


In small it is very good.


I really like the finish of the flower.


Full of bright colors, ideal for you if you are always happy.


It seems colored instead of tattooed, this is the classic flower design.


It represents a lot of purity and freedom.


Flying at each end of this flower with tribal.


I don't like it very much on the instep, but there are those who can look great.


Achinado bird with a branch of flowers that is on what appears to be the water of a pond or lake.


Flying bird.


Break with the flower scheme, this hummingbird perches on a heart, but not the typical heart we all draw when we are in love, a real heart.


As far as this bird is concerned, the classic design is one in which it approaches a flower as if it were smelling it.


I don't like the style they have taken for this one.


He carries a scroll with a phrase on his chest.


With a long tail with simple curved strokes, this bird seems to be very happy.


Of the few black and white designs that you will see in this article, but do not underestimate the lack of color, I personally like traditional black and white tattoos. Specifically, along the woman's side, a hummingbird on a flower.


Pecking over these little flowers on the shoulder.


Flying free on the skin of this girl.


Super cheerful this one that seems made dotted with watery paint within a very defined contour and the eye of intense black.


Combine the most colorful elements! Next to butterflies and flowers.


Beautiful detail that this girl has had, embodying on her skin the memory of her mother with a cross with the word in English and a bird on a flower. With the phrase "Precious Memories" on a scroll.


Bird looking up with long, simple tail.


Wrapped among many flowers.


Design very similar to the following


We have this bird sniffing through the flowers.


Fantastic scene, between hibiscus flowers and a carnation, is very realistic.


I don't know why, but the head of the hummingbird reminded me of that of a whale.


This image describes the song stave of this hummingbird that seems very happy.


I like the silhouette of the birds in black a lot, but the pink doesn't hit much.


Each one looking aside, perched on these flowers.


Bird and flower among Chinese letters.


This hummingbird goes for a bit of luck catching the leaf of this 4 leaf clover (symbolizes good luck).


Bird on hibiscus flower.


Very original this design, I really like the touch of paint stains that seem dissolved in water.


An entire arm full of color.


Ave planning on the girl's shoulder. The colors chosen are very tropical.


Colorful and blurred the design of this bird.


Fly over some garnet flowers, here the outline of the drawings does not stand out much.


Perched on a branch with hanging flowers.


Original tail detail.


Nice bird and flower.


Bright and between drops of dew.


With cheerful green tones, this hummingbird smelling some flowers.


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