101 Celebrity tattoos or famous people

Some of the celebrities who are rabid today and whose tattoos do not cease to be a topic of conversation among people are either athletes, actors or singers:

tattoo 197

David Beckham

Beckham, is another renowned footballer who is also admired for his designs. Many of them with more religious motives than other athletes, so you can see both a neck and a cross-shaped angel on the back of their neck as well, such designs are some of the most recognized. Like Marcelo, most of his tattoos can be seen on his arms.

tattoo 15


Rihanna, an example of elegance and feminine designs, which undoubtedly serve as a pattern or example for many of her fans. Roman numerals, stars, a sphinx and other designs with Egyptian motifs, tribal motifs … All of them with the common characteristic that they are made in an elegant and feminine way.

tattoo 509

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, a pin-up girl who perfectly combines innocent style with tattoos with a great influence from the current named above: sweets, flowers … They show a great personality and a unique style in keeping with her fashion vision and that give meaning to her set towards the same fact, that is, an original girl with personality.

tattoo 327

Lily Collins

Beyoncé is another of the singers, although she doesn't have many designs, she has one of them that has been very commented recently. An example of this is the praying angel that he carries on his left hip, which can sometimes be appreciated when he dances; The number four in Roman numerals on his finger is another tattoo with special meaning for the singer.

The famous rapper, Eminem, is another artist who deserves a space in this post. Not only known for his songs and their lyrics, what is not surprising is that his tattoos are full of meaning just like his songs are.

tattoo 535

Wiz Khalifa

tattoo 379

Miley Cyrus

The singer Miley Cyrus is another of the most current characters and with great power of influence especially in American society. We can see that it also has Roman numerals, which are currently very popular due to the number of celebrities who carry this type of tataujes. Other designs to highlight are: a dream hunter, an anchor, a cross, the symbol of peace … All of them with a marked meaning and made in a way that fits your personality.

tattoo 145

Kelly Osbourne

Actress Megan Fox, well known for her tattoo of Marilyn Monroe or her phrases of different works by other artists, all of them full of important meaning for the actress we are talking about.

Scarlett Johanson also carries different designs, all of them small in size such as: a small landscape of a sunset, a bracelet, two circles on her right ankle, a horseshoe, a phrase … They all have in common that they are presented as small details and in a subtle way. This can encourage many fans to make small designs that can have a very elegant result and, despite their small size, they can contain great meaning.

tattoo 496


Johnny Depp, one of the most characteristic and unique actors of the big screen can be another great example to follow when it comes to his tattoos. Some of them related to his films, such as those that have motives that have to do with the world of pirates.

tattoo 366

Selena Gomez

The young soccer player Neymar. A crown on one of his fingers as a symbol of power and overcoming can be one of the designs to highlight. Another aspect that attracts attention is the multitude of phrases that have been tattooed, which undoubtedly leads us to think that they will be full of meaning for the player.

Marcelo, is another footballer who also carries numerous tattoos, most of them concentrated in the arms, this is a recurring aspect in soccer players. It may be because it is a visible area when they wear their club's uniform, so it is a good way for people to appreciate their designs.

As you can see, there are many designs that carry the different celebrities named so far. Although there are many others, we have considered these the most influential at present and appropriate to comment.

Both singers and actors and other celebrities are the ones that most tattoo the body and these tattoos are very imitated by their followers. We will now see a collection of images of celebrities' best known tattoos.

tattoo 236


tattoo 41

Miley Cyrus

tattoo 184

Hillary Duff

tattoo 249

Hailey Baldwin

tattoo 405

Ariel Winter

tattoo 54

Cara Delevingne

tattoo 158

Cara Delevingne

tattoo 171

Kendall Jenner

tattoo 67

Cara Delevingne

tattoo 340

Ariel Winter

tattoo 548

Bella Thorne

tattoo 418

King's wool

tattoo 392

Angelina Jolie

tattoo 457

Jessica Alba

tattoo 28

Hilary Duff

tattoo 80

Cara Delevingne

tattoo 119

read Michele

tattoo 288

Kylie Jenner

tattoo 02

Emma Watson

tattoo 262

Shay mitchell

tattoo 470

Demi lovato

tattoo 106

Read Michelle

tattoo 444

Ellie Goulding

tattoo 483

Paris Jackson

tattoo 314


tattoo 210

Kendall Jenner

tattoo 522

drew Barrymore

tattoo 301

Jourdan Dunn

tattoo 132

read Michele

tattoo 431

Ed westwick

tattoo 223

Hailey Baldwin

tattoo 353

Justin Bieber

tattoo 93

Ariel Winter

tattoo 561

Bella Thorne

tattoo 275

Kelly Osbourne

celebrity celebrity tattoo 44 "width =" 375 "height =" 500

We begin with this wonderful one that shows a portrait of the world-famous Marilyn Monroe, a versatile artist who achieved a spectacular reputation both professionally and for her hectic private and sentimental life.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 39 "width =" 522 "height =" 720

Lady Gaga is one of the singers she has more on her body. In this image we can see the peace symbol on the wrist and a message in an unknown alphabet on the inside of the arm.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 56 "width =" 610 "height =" 917

Small cross in the lower back, right in the center of the lower back. It is a very sensual, simple and quite discreet design made using only black dye.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 50 "width =" 610 "height =" 343

Rihanna is also characterized by wearing many tattoos. In this image we see a small phrase in French, which means "rebel flower", and has tattooed on the left side of his neck in cursive and elegant lyrics.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 07 "width =" 504 "height =" 720

Here we see the Little Mix singer, Jesy Nelson, who has a large network of roses tattooed on her left arm. It is a striking and daring tattoo, which is co-selected with dark and gray tones, untilizing beautiful shadows.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 08 "width =" 610 "height =" 678

In this image we have again Jesy Nelson, who carries a tattoo that surrounds the circumference of the thigh and in which you can read the phrase "A tiger never loses sleep due to the opinions of the sheep". Very motivating

celebrity celebrity tattoo 26 "width =" 344 "height =" 516

This boy carries the bust of a woman tattooed on the arm, specifically in the triceps area. The design shows a good level of detail, and is made using black ink and various types of shading.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 53 "width =" 610 "height =" 568

Head of a famous, but due to the perspective and brightness we can not know who it is with total accuracy, although it looks quite like Gary Barlow, vocalist of the British group Take That. Of course, it is represented very realistically.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 46 "width =" 610 "height =" 477

Miley Cyrus also wears a small one on her wrist in Roman numerals. No doubt these numbers will have an important meaning for her. Roman numeral tattoos are a great trend in people around the world, and celebrities are an exponent of it.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 54 "width =" 610 "height =" 379

Another tattoo of Rihanna, in this case it is a design inspired by the Egyptian goddess Isis, considered the mother of the gods of this mythology. The singer did it in honor of her grandmother, and in which the sepian tones predominate.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 51 "width =" 610 "height =" 343

And more tattoos of the singer. This on the ankle, in which we can see an Egyptian falcon that the singer tattooed to cover a previous tattoo of some musical notes.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 45 "width =" 450 "height =" 720

Miley Cyrus with a big dream catcher on the side. It is a very beautiful and feminine design, made with black ink and gray tones only. The tattoo area is one of the most painful in the human body to be tattooed.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 34 "width =" 574 "height =" 720

This boy, the singer and main member of the Flo Rida group, carries the entire torso and tattooed arms. It carries multiple designs of varied colors and very varied themes, something that you can wear without problems with a body as careful as him.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 14 "width =" 594 "height =" 396

Celebrities often tattoo familiar phrases on their body. Here we see some examples in different parts of the body, such as Mega Fox or Rihanna. The most commonly chosen area after them is usually the back or side, although areas such as the clavicles can also be used for it.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 48 "width =" 401 "height =" 516

A bar code on the neck and another tattoo on the back. They belong to the American singer Pink. This world-famous pop rock singer is characterized by her casual, rebellious and alternative look.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 01 "width =" 401 "height =" 516

Here we can observe a phrase in English but we cannot say what it means because we cannot see it with total clarity. Apparently it is the Megan Fox, which carries a tattoo that says "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies", a phrase adapted from a text by Shakespeare.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 27 "width =" 610 "height =" 689

Justin Bieber also varied designs, such as the bust of what appears to be a tiger and other elements.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 47 "width =" 410 "height =" 720

In this young man's arm you can see several designs according to the personal style he has. This guy seems to be Pete Wentz, bassist and singer of the punk rock group Fall Out Boy, who has a somewhat stormy life. Some very consistent with his style, no doubt.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 59 "width =" 610 "height =" 456

These two boys wear the same tattoo on different parts of the body. The boy on the right seems to be the world-famous singer Justin Bieber, who has an identical tattoo of Roman numerals on his right collarbone.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 29 "width =" 610 "height =" 610

Small and discreet that of this girl, which we failed to recognize. The tattoo consists of a simple phrase in English: "in love we trust", which in Spanish would come to mean something like "in love we believe". The phrase is made only with black ink and in beautiful calligraphy.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 05 "width =" 610 "height =" 610

"Love and loyalty", "Love and fidelity". Those are the two words chosen by this young woman to print on her shoulder. A message with a very important meaning and full of values. This design seems to have been done quite recently, as you can still see somewhat inflamed skin.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 55 "width =" 610 "height =" 316

Kesha has the phrase "Suck it" tattooed on the inside of the lip. This irreverent tattoo throws a rebel message, thus showing the personality against the norms of this popular American singer. The tatauje is very simple and is made only using black ink.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 24 "width =" 414 "height =" 559

Below we find an ima tattoo image of a skull or harlequin mask on the side of the neck that American rap, pop and R&B singer Chris Brown has. This design seems to be still unfinished or something lacking in details, but it is certainly very striking.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 33 "width =" 610 "height =" 749

Beckham is a big fan of this body art and carries multiple designs throughout the body. In this image we see how the world-renowned English footballer has both arms covered by.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 11 "width =" 602 "height =" 616

More Justin Bieber tattoos, including Roman numerals and crown that are on the rise lately.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 23 "width =" 477 "height =" 720

This singer also has his arms and chest tattooed.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 35 "width =" 610 "height =" 343

One of the components of One Direction carries a large butterfly on the belly.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 20 "width =" 491 "height =" 720

Zac Efron with one with the same motto as the shirt he is wearing.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 36 "width =" 445 "height =" 720

The whole arm of this young print; It is a tendency to tattoo your entire arm with different reasons.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 42 "width =" 475 "height =" 720

This singer even has a tattooed face.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 41 "width =" 420 "height =" 560

Tears are a somewhat controversial design and are related to the prison.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 06 "width =" 336 "height =" 504

The famous singer Amy Winehouse is also fond of this fashion.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 49 "width =" 401 "height =" 516

Another tattoo of Rihanna in which she shuts up with the expression Shhh on one of her fingers.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 57 "width =" 610 "height =" 437

Miley Cyrus with a boy who carries different designs by the arms.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 16 "width =" 610 "height =" 343

This actress wears a discreet tattoo on the instep.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 40 "width =" 610 "height =" 343

The only one that matters, The only one that matters; phrase that will undoubtedly have great meaning.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 10 "width =" 602 "height =" 602

The Chinese letters are a design that was on the rise a few years ago, but has recently lost grace.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 02 "width =" 401 "height =" 516

Pamela Anderson

celebrity celebrity tattoo 17 "width =" 475 "height =" 720

In the neck with disproportionate colors and sizes that do not hit this young woman.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 58 "width =" 610 "height =" 477

One step at a time, in Spanish One step at a time; printed on the foot, so the meaning is emphasized.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 30 "width =" 610 "height =" 494

Victoria Beckham is, like her husband, a great fan of this way of decorating her body.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 31 "width =" 610 "height =" 879

Megan Fox carries Marilyn Monroe's face on her arm.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 03 "width =" 610 "height =" 610

Stand up, in Spanish: keep standing; an important message especially to face adversities in life.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 22 "width =" 610 "height =" 343

We can see that there is a design on the leg, but the colors have not been successful, since we can hardly see what it is.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 43 "width =" 610 "height =" 477

Funny and on the soles of the feet.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 52 "width =" 401 "height =" 516

Greek characters seem on the side of this woman, a very good area to print short sentences.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 32 "width =" 610 "height =" 873

More famous phrases.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 60 "width =" 600 "height =" 400

A crown on this young woman's wrist, a good design but with too large dimensions; These types of designs have a better result when the crown is printed in smaller dimensions.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 04 "width =" 610 "height =" 453

Selena Gomez with a small Roman numeral in the neck.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 18 "width =" 374 "height =" 516

We can see a small design in one of his arms, but we cannot see what it is.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 21 "width =" 610 "height =" 579

Photograph of a design that occupies the entire forearm full of skulls as a background and different elements that give it originality.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 25 "width =" 501 "height =" 720

Here we see more tattoos of the footballer.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 38 "width =" 277 "height =" 275

This girl has a large part of her tattooed body, the next challenge is to find a non-tattooed area to print new designs.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 19 "width =" 401 "height =" 516

Brad Pitt also carries the occasional lowercase tattooed phrase.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 13 "width =" 602 "height =" 615

Ryan Gosling with one on his arm.

celebrity celebrity tattoo 28 "width =" 610 "height =" 474

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